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Although the villa holiday has been a holiday abroad for years, it has just started to gain a place in the tourism sector in our country.

Villa holiday, whether it is a conservative villa, luxury villa or honeymoon villa, is a villa accommodation where you rent a minimum of 7 nights with all the items and equipment you need in your daily life, with its garden and private pool. The villa has kitchen utensils as much as the capacity of the person, as well as the necessary kitchen utensils as well as the number of bath and beach towels. It meets all your needs from iron to dishwasher, from oven to washing machine. Due to the presence of necessary equipment in the kitchens of the villas, you can adjust your eating and drinking times according to your own taste and prepare the dishes that suit your taste.

You can choose many alternatives such as conservative villas, luxury villas or honeymoon villas, where you can determine the features and location of your villa holiday. In addition, you can plan a private holiday for yourself and your family in sheltered villas where no one can see or disturb you from the outside, or a holiday where you can feel special in luxury villas.

Away from the hustle and bustle of hotels, it offers a quiet, peaceful holiday where you can do whatever you want whenever you want.

The pool and garden maintenance of the villas with private swimming pools are done daily by the villa staff in a way that does not disturb your privacy. Unlike hotels, the use of the pool and garden is entirely your own, and you can use it whenever you want.

Honeymoon villas, which are specially designed for honeymooners, are also preferred because they provide you with more comfort and private space compared to hotels. As Tatilim Villa team, we are happy to help you plan a quiet and peaceful holiday with your family or friends by relieving all the tiredness of the year with your holiday in conservative villas or luxury villas.