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Traditionally, the term “honeymoon vacation” derives from the concept of the cycles of the moon and a traditional, aphrodisiac-inspired beverage called mead (or honey). When these concepts come together, a honeymoon begins as a time for intimacy, seeking privacy, and “getting to know each other.” However, in modern interpretations, a honeymoon vacation could mean a weekend at a casino, a three-week European adventure. Wherever you go, there are some romantic acts that are good for you.

You don’t have to show off in your wedding dress and walk around labeled as a lady. But it is worth remembering and stating this at least during booking and check-in.

honeymoon vacation

If possible, try to be a little cautious about checking your phone and social media accounts until the holidays are over. We’re not saying you should eliminate all forms of communication, but try to use less than you normally would. Record special moments for both of you. You’ll also be browsing tons of tagged wedding photos and comments by avoiding social media, which will further extend the special newlyweds period when you return.

While many brides adhere to strict diet, fitness or lifestyle regimens in preparation for their big day, be sure to relax on your honeymoon. Think about what it means to you to have fun individually and as a couple.

In your daily routine, sunrises often set alarm clocks and sunsets mean the day has passed and the new day is on the way, but when you’re on vacation, they’re magical. Witnessing both can be a bit tiresome, but be sure to take the time to share at least one of them. Wake up early one morning and watch the sunrise from a certain place and you should not forget to refill your coffee. Or if you have trouble waking up before dawn, opt for the latter and relax with some wine while you watch the sun go down on a gorgeous day spent with your partner.

Everyone knows that a photo is worth a thousand words, but in our opinion, photos of the wedding night and the holiday after it are even more valuable. Make sure you take tons of photos throughout your experience, but strike a balance between living in the moment and watching the moment. You’ll want to have tangible memories worth a lifetime to share for years to come and generations to come, so go back and create an album or scrapbook on your return.