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Villa Rental Holiday is not just about sunbathing, swimming in the sea and resting. There are many activities that can be done on vacation. One of these activities is watching movies. Well, among dozens of movies, which ones are really high quality or what kind of movies are really enjoyable to watch. We have prepared different categories and movie suggestions for you. Here’s what you can enjoy watching while on vacation
some movie categories;

Science fiction movies
Comedy movies
Adventure and Action Movies
Animated Movies
motivational movies

Science fiction movies

Science fiction is a type of film that stimulates people’s sense of curiosity. It can lock you on the screen with its main subject and the point that the subject will reach. It is possible to see that science fiction movies contain great productions, deep meanings and surprising scenes. For this reason, we have listed 5 of the best movies of science fiction that will open your mind and arouse curiosity when watched on vacation. Here are the movies;

Back To The Future
Interstellar (Among the Stars)
Star Wars (Star Wars)

Comedy movies

Comedy movies come to mind first when it comes to having fun. Comedy movies are written to make people laugh and entertain. Great movies and scenes from comedies like Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler are etched in our minds. Here are some fun comedy movie suggestions that you can watch while you’re on vacation;
Dumb and Dumber
3 Idiots (3 Stupid)
Yes Man (Mr. Yes)
The Hangover
Home Alone

Adventure and Action Movies

It contains excitement in movies with adventure and action content. It is known that when suspense and action come together, it is a great viewing pleasure. Adventure movies can add excitement to your holiday during periods when the holiday gets monotonous. Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham and many more action movie actors will fill you with the pleasure of action on the screen. Here are the exciting action and adventure movies;
I Am Legend
Fast And Furious
White House Down

Animated Movies

If there are movies that children enjoy watching, they are animated movies. Animated movies are actually the kind of movies that adults can watch in terms of many features. It is possible to find many animated films with logical plots and narrations. In particular, production companies such as Walt Disney Pixar and Dreamworks are preparing better quality films on this subject day by day. Spending time watching movies with your children will bring them closer to you. Here are 5 great animated films with different subjects;
Ice Age

Motivational Movies

We can say that it does not make much sense to give a direct category to these films. Because some motivating films are in the biography genre, while others are based on a fictional story. Some movies can affect you so much that you may want to be very excited while watching and you may want to take action when you see the ones in the film. Here are a few of those motivating films;
The Big Short
The Pursuit Of Happyness
The Social Network
The Founder