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Sheltered villas, which are the address of groups of friends, families and those who want to have a daily holiday individually, are one of the new generation holiday types. Due to the increasing interest in Turkey’s holiday resorts, it has managed to become a frequent destination even for famous names. Living freely on a private land instead of spending weeks in a room is the type of vacation everyone would want. Villas that offer this opportunity attract more attention. It changes the understanding of vacation as it has a private pool, sun loungers, umbrellas and garden.

In the past, only swimming in the sea was perceived as a holiday, but nowadays, a holiday is made to seek peace, tranquility and peace. These houses, which are suitable for accommodation of 2 or even 8 people, are more affordable than competing hotels. Since it starts from 150 TL and goes up to 1000 TL, there are villas suitable for every segment. If there is more than one person staying, you will have a profitable holiday in any case. In addition, the privacy of villas is one of the features that hotels and other venues cannot offer. In fact, one of the most important and preferred reasons for people is to spend a holiday alone with their family and loved ones.


The sheltered design of the houses has been preferred more by conservative people and honeymooners in recent years. But of course, it has features that can be rented for every person. Honeymooners often choose a vacation alone. Because in this way, there is the opportunity to personalize every moment. Every couple dreams of watching movies alone, watching the stars at night, watching the sunrise, enjoying breakfast on the terrace.

Movie nights are even more amazing with unlimited internet and widescreen television. Or you can enjoy the sun by swimming in your pool when you are overwhelmed by the heat. You may not find time to get bored in sheltered villas. When you want to spend time outside, you can take a walk on the beach or visit the historical and touristic areas of the region with guides. You can immortalize every moment by photographing it.


Whenever you want, you can go out and take an interest in boat tours, paragliding, historical places or participate in sea games. There are many rooms in sheltered villas built on a large land. By choosing villas with jacuzzi, which means healing water, you can relieve the tiredness of the day and gather energy for a new trip to the next day. Again in the sauna, you can lighten the excess weight in your body. You can swim in the regularly cleaned pool or sleep with a pool mattress. Everything from small household items to large-scale electronic devices will be at your disposal and at your disposal. Therefore, you can settle in quickly by taking only a bag and your personal belongings. It is very easy to rent villas with different features that are economical and suitable for every budget. You can book your place on our website or visit us in person by calling us.